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bumper step pad?

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i ran across a rear bumper step pad in the junkyard on a 96 ody.
is this an aftermarket thing or a extra trim thing i might "happen across " again some day ?
i have one,. but want one more.

or does anyone have one they want to sell?
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it seems it is a trim option....
cool. i will be looking out for another one.
How much was that license plate panel on that car for?

Mm I think that's your car huh? Lol

I want that bumper guard
the chrome trim was standard around the license plate panel for the oasis.
one of the few things they tried to do to make it look slightly different from the odyssey.
^^Yup. That is also on every ody in Japan, unfortunately they didn't offer it in the us. But after Honda sold it to Isuzu, i think Isuzu added it on every oasis.
It's an optional add-on piece you can purchase directly as well. I bought it last year for the van. Can't remember how much I paid but these will get harder and harder to get a hold of. But if you have one I can't really see the value add in picking another one up.

Also, could you tell me whether the van had a tan interior. I need to replace my third row seat and was wondering if it's tan could you get me a price from the place?

it was grey and very dirty.
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drivers side door panel was ratfu_ked also.
i wanted another one as i have two Odys.
or one oasis and one ody.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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