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Had a deal done on a used 2012 found out its not on the RIV web site yet I can import a 2011 but not a 12 is this because our dealers don't have there's yet? will I be allowed after our dealers get there's buddy will wait till Ifind out more.

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Please comment: how much benefit on US purchase?

I'm not criticizing anyone who has bought a 2012 US-model and imported it. Just trying to figure out how worthwhile it is for us. So far I'm not able to build a compelling case. So if I've made incorrect assumptions or overlooked important details, please help me out.

EX-L RES in Canada:
$40,990 MSRP & $1,590 freight/PDI. Add taxes (12% for me) = $47,690
Also add the Cdn $100 AC tax, the $22.50 tire tax, and GST/PST on both (so $137)

EX-L RES, US model imported to Canada:
$36,475 MSRP & $810 freight/PDI = $37,285 USD. Add $1,640 CDN for exchange (current RBC rate). Add 12% taxes = $43,597 CDN
Also add the same $137 above for AC & tire taxes. Add $195 RIV fee, est $150 temp transfer permit/insurance, $750 speedometer group conversion, GST/PST on those extras = $1,364. (This is assuming the US models have day running lights - which I'm not sure of - otherwise add even more for that. Also assuming I won't need a provincial safety for $75 in hopes that they'll register a brand-new vehicle without, regardless if it came from USA).

So in end comparison, I save $2,867 and I have to consider the following:
1) I have NO WARRANTY!
2) possible future resale may be slightly affected by having imperial read-out on the interior temperature controls
3) some of the $2,867 will be eaten up by driving or a one-way short-haul flight to get this vehicle, as well as hotel/food/gas for the return trip.
It just doesn't look like it makes sense even though the initial MSRP difference looks dramatic.

What I would really like to have in Cdn models is EX-L without RES. But pricing that as above, I still come out to $43,089 at the end. So my savings are $4,737 but offset by having the points 1,2,3 above as well as that I've paid less because I'm actually buying less (no RES).

Being a Cdn buyer, I'd be inelligigle for the better financing rates in the lower-48, so unless the US dealers are selling much deeper off MSRP than are Canadian dealers, how can importing a brand-new US van make sense?

Thanks for reading and commenting!

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I imported my Odyssey from the US in 2008. The savings of $9k were enough for me to justify the import. I think you need to look at the best price you can get from a CDN dealer vs a US dealer. Don't just look at msrp because there are rebates/discounts etc. I know when I bought, Honda USA had rebates that you need to find. I found the pricing threads in this forum very valuable to find the best price you should negotiate with.

Also, the top end models like the Touring offer the most savings. I found the lower EXL-RES models had a much lower difference.

Warranty is not applicable up here but you can bring your car back to the US for warranty work. It works as it is less than an hour to get down there from Vancouver.

Having said this, when I bought my Infiniiti in 09, I bought in Canada as the price difference was only a few thousand. I think the CDN dealers have narrowed the price differences due to the exchange rates.
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