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Cabin air filter DIY hints and leaves in the blower

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Hi All:

Just changed my cabin air filter on my 2004 Ody EX - primarily to also get rid of leaves in the blower which were making a loud vibration sound when the blower was running.

Most of the DIYs on this are pretty accurate so not posting one. A few additional ideas though:

- Most DIYs say tape over the right side kick panel to keep screws from falling in there. I removed it instead. Helps to have a "panel popper" tool to remove the anchor on this to the floor, althogh a large flat screwdriver will do it. While you're at it, remove the rocker panel cover too and take both of them to the sink for a good washing and then coat with low-gloss armorall. Do the other side too.

- I found that the best way to remove the glovebox is to first remove that kickpanel (see above, then open and empty the box and remove the side bumpers that limit the box travel, then close and latch the box again. Remove the screws that hold it up, and then supporting it from the bottom with one hand, release the latch with the other. Pop! To reinstall, just reverse the procedure, - put the box up into place (helps to either have a third hand or an object to hold it up there, and snap it into the latch. Swing the bottom up and reinstall the screws, then open it and reinstall the travel bumper stops.

- Remove the right side screws on the brace behind the glove box and only the innermost left side screw - then you should be able to just push it down and out of the way, pivoting on the one remaning screw. No need to remove that brace completely.

- Removing the blower fan: OK, this is my own personal hell - our blower has twice ingested twigs and leaves and makes a big vibrating noise when it does. I talked to my Honda dealer and the blower "squirrel cage" and motor drop right out of the blower housing when you remvoe their three mounting screws. Sound easy? No f'ing way!

Two of the screws are easy to remove (they are actually screws with 8 mm bolt heads) - one front, one to the left side of the blower. The other is buried up by the firewall. It took me a full 45 minutes of screwing around to get a tool on that damn bolt, then the ratchet would only travel about an inch, so it took it another 15 mins to back the f'ing screw out!! ARRGH. Putting it back, I only installed two screws and instead put a small bead of silicone caulk on the back edge of the blower. Seems to have worked well.

But, all's well that ends well - got all the crap out of the blower, it runs quietly and beautifully, changed the cabin air filter too, so the AC blows nice and fast and cold.

Didn't take pics - this is well covered.