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Can’t turn wheel and can’t turn key

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Really need some help. I have a 2006 Odyssey that is about 270KM and the steering wheel and the key will not turn. The wheel will turn only 5 degrees to one end but it’s very hard. I tried moving the wheel while trying two keys, one about 1 year old. Tried slightly hitting the key in, using wd40, moving the key in and out but nothing. The wheel is straight and the steering is I believe in the Center.

Now is there a way to unlock the wheel if I took the panel around the steering out? The bottom panel is difficult to remove. Still trying with that.

Also would this be a cylinder issue or the ignition issue or both? Can the cylinder be fixed if it’s the issue?

I went through all the related posts but nothing works for me.

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So I replaced the whole ignition and took the immobilizer from the old and put it on the new. The new did not come with one. Now the wheel turns and the key can turn but I can’t start the car. ... Do I need to reprogram it?
If you look around on youtube you will find numerous videos pertaining to this very common problem. Most of them suck and won't really help you.

A scan tool is required as far as I know. But you may find a different solution out there. There just very well may be a DIY hack. I simply used my scan tool when I got a new key FOB. Took 30 seconds.
At this point I think it might be wise just to have a diagnostic run on it the simple one from advance Auto parts or somewhere it's free throw it on there and see what it tells you a code what not it might give you the answer sorry about my texting
Were you going to give him a tow to the auto parts store? ;)
Is the key with the chip in very close proximity (inches) to the ignition cylinder ?
It's more like millimeters. Literally.

The specs also call for no other keys (with or without transponders) being anywhere near the new key when doing the immo/key transponder pairing or just simply starting the vehicle.
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