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This is odd.

You still can't start van?
Can you move wheel?

I did not read whole thread.

This is a good, interesting odd thread.

Fwiw; third gen column, tilts up and down, and is telescopics in an out.
At least in my touring 2008. I think most models do too.

If you have tried everything, like it sounds you did.
Pull lock cylinder.
Bypass lock cylinder..

No. It's electric.

If not, it sounds electric. Check grounds. All grounds.
Are you in salts zone?
Flood zone?
Upper mid west salt zone?
On ocean shore in salt breeze zone?

Can you get van to crank bypassing lock cylinder / steering column?

Bypass everything, just to test stuff.

Jump starter directly to relay/fuse/battery
If that don't work, you got issues.
Run red/hot jumper to starter, turn key on, then touch it to positive terminal on battery.

Get it?
Bypass it all to see if it even cranks. Did you seize motor?
So many variables.

Bypass everything with a wire to starter, just to see.
Then work on the ignition control wire.
There was just a video on this on YT somewhere.

It was a chewed wired to starter irrc.
Got possible rodents?
Test wires to starter from battery.

Good Luck

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New thought.

Having typed all that, I'm having that same funny feeling I get when I'm being dupped.

Like that other thread.

Sorry, just sharing my instinct.

Is this legit? ? ?

If so, it must be a crazy one off electrical issue.

I'm so untrustworthy lately. It is sad, I admit.

Help me trust everyone.

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