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Can’t turn wheel and can’t turn key

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Really need some help. I have a 2006 Odyssey that is about 270KM and the steering wheel and the key will not turn. The wheel will turn only 5 degrees to one end but it’s very hard. I tried moving the wheel while trying two keys, one about 1 year old. Tried slightly hitting the key in, using wd40, moving the key in and out but nothing. The wheel is straight and the steering is I believe in the Center.

Now is there a way to unlock the wheel if I took the panel around the steering out? The bottom panel is difficult to remove. Still trying with that.

Also would this be a cylinder issue or the ignition issue or both? Can the cylinder be fixed if it’s the issue?

I went through all the related posts but nothing works for me.

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I’m noticing now that I can move the steering wheel up and down but not in or out. I thought that the leaver below allowed you to do that but now I can’t remember. Is there another switch / latch to do this?
Ody is not Lexus, steering wheel moves only up and down.
Somehow I remember moving it in and out. Maybe some other one. Still trying to remove the panel and the only way I see is if the wheel was pulled forward a bit.
Ody is not Lexus, steering wheel moves only up and down.
It is a telescoping wheel, it can indeed move in and out.
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So, on my generation (2002) I only have up and down?
So, on my generation (2002) I only have up and down?
I don't know about the 2nd gen, but the 3rd gen and up definitely have tilt and telescope.
This is odd.

You still can't start van?
Can you move wheel?

I did not read whole thread.

This is a good, interesting odd thread.

Fwiw; third gen column, tilts up and down, and is telescopics in an out.
At least in my touring 2008. I think most models do too.

If you have tried everything, like it sounds you did.
Pull lock cylinder.
Bypass lock cylinder..

No. It's electric.

If not, it sounds electric. Check grounds. All grounds.
Are you in salts zone?
Flood zone?
Upper mid west salt zone?
On ocean shore in salt breeze zone?

Can you get van to crank bypassing lock cylinder / steering column?

Bypass everything, just to test stuff.

Jump starter directly to relay/fuse/battery
If that don't work, you got issues.
Run red/hot jumper to starter, turn key on, then touch it to positive terminal on battery.

Get it?
Bypass it all to see if it even cranks. Did you seize motor?
So many variables.

Bypass everything with a wire to starter, just to see.
Then work on the ignition control wire.
There was just a video on this on YT somewhere.

It was a chewed wired to starter irrc.
Got possible rodents?
Test wires to starter from battery.

Good Luck
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New thought.

Having typed all that, I'm having that same funny feeling I get when I'm being dupped.

Like that other thread.

Sorry, just sharing my instinct.

Is this legit? ? ?

If so, it must be a crazy one off electrical issue.

I'm so untrustworthy lately. It is sad, I admit.

Help me trust everyone.

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He can’t turn the key so I do not think he is able to start it.
"He can’t turn the key so I do not think he is able to start it."

Yes, I’m unable to turn the key. I have a remote starter that works. I started in neutral and can drive but only straight. The wheel is still locked. I really think the cylinder is bad so I’m now looking to remove the entire ignition and take to a locksmith to see if it can be fixed.
I’m still confused on how this fully works. If the wheel is locked would the cylinder also be locked?
Is there a manual way to unlock the wheel?
I saw in some videos that with the key in on new ones the key turns. So if I removed all the power connectors I should be able to turn the key if the cylinder is still good?

BTW this is really happening to me. I just now need to get the ignition off. The two bolts do not want to budge no matter how hard I hit it.
Which bolts? Perhaps you can post a photo.
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It’s the two bolts that attach the ignition to the steering column.
I just got a quote to fix it $300CAN. He said that he’ll fix the cylinder. Is that a decent price? With that I don’t have to change the keys.
Seems like a good price to me.
the 3rd gen and up definitely have tilt and telescope.
I bought an inferior car! Sad.
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But it still works and the ignition starts.
Have you tried turning the steering wheel until it stops and the pulling it harder against the stop to see if the key will turn?
Haven’t noticed a green key. The key is in the Lock(0) position and won’t move. The two front wheels are straight. Thanks for your help really appreciate it. Tomorrow I’m going to try pushing the van to see if it unlocks. I’m now thinking the cylinder where the key goes in may be defective since the key works opening and closing the door.
I am talking about the green key light on the dash which should go on when the key is in the ON position.
Course if you cannot turn the key that far, then that won't get lit.

If the steering wheel is locked, the Key will not turn.

To unlock the shift lever look at the link below for possible help.

PS: Have you checked the Recommended Reading below these posts?
@jackrabbit000 i did that in both directions and still could not get it.
@Buffalo4 i could unlock the shift leaver but that does not help. I started the car with the starter in neutral and was able to drive but with the wheel locked could not go anywhere but straight.
I saw on Amazon the Ignition part for $79. I ordered that so I’ll see how it goes. I did not go for the locksmith $300 since I don’t think they would be able to fix it for long. Also Honda is asking $485 for the part and $200 to program the keys. With this I just need to carry two keys with me all the time. Van has to last me for just 2 more years.
I removed the ignition cylinder on my '03 due to sometimes not being able to turn it.
I watched a youtube vid on how to do it. I ended up removing a couple of the 'offending' wafers, and more, etc.
Not real difficult, but not real easy, at least for me,(a little tricky, at times) but well worth watching a vid to see how to do it.
Now, I can remove my key from the ignition with the engine running etc, but, I don't care.
Not as theft-proof as before. :eek: o_O🤣🤣🤣🤣
No reprogramming necessary and the same keys work great.
You might want to pursue this avenue if money is a problem, as it is for me.
No worry about using different keys for the doors, ign, etc.
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