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Can’t turn wheel and can’t turn key

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Really need some help. I have a 2006 Odyssey that is about 270KM and the steering wheel and the key will not turn. The wheel will turn only 5 degrees to one end but it’s very hard. I tried moving the wheel while trying two keys, one about 1 year old. Tried slightly hitting the key in, using wd40, moving the key in and out but nothing. The wheel is straight and the steering is I believe in the Center.

Now is there a way to unlock the wheel if I took the panel around the steering out? The bottom panel is difficult to remove. Still trying with that.

Also would this be a cylinder issue or the ignition issue or both? Can the cylinder be fixed if it’s the issue?

I went through all the related posts but nothing works for me.

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@rjsrj I guess I’m on the final path to the end of this disaster.
I have someone who will come and “reprogram” the keys. The only issue is the keys. Do I have the correct keys? I read somewhere that the ones I have will need a Honda Chip to replace the “pill” like thing I have in the key. See my previous picture.
I think the Honda "chip" is the pill-like thing you have.
It works. (y):D😄
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It works. (y):D😄
What did you do?
What did you do?
The two keys that came with the ignition has a dummy “chip” ID 48. I needed a Honda ID 46 in the key. The locksmith added this to both keys and then reprogrammed the van to accept the keys. The van now turns on and I can drive.
In total it cost me $209 including tax plus my labour and days of frustration.
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No it doesn’t work but I have to reprogram it. Haven’t done that yet. According to the manual it’s just a matter of disconnecting it and pressing a button and reconnecting. Ever since getting it I’ve only used the starter in the last week.
You should have an immobilizer bypass module, that must be reprogrammed to you new transponder key
Sorry don’t understand. This is supposed to bypass the immobilizer. The manuals says the key is also needed to reprogram it.
The manuals says the key is also needed to reprogram it.
Sorry to confuse you… Yes, you’re newly reprogrammed transponder key is needed configure the Bypass Module..
No problem. After getting the keys to work I totally forgot about the remote starter.
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