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i'm sure odc dont have abs...
my mechanic also said the same...
The RA1 came standard with ABS. I don't know if any content deleted ody's were produced.
One way to 'fix' a broken ABS is to entirely remove the ABS!

I prefer to have functioning ABS, so after diagnosing the code, mine was (somewhat) easy to fix by replacing both rear wheel sensors. I used the RAx Tuning link to find my '96 codes.

1L 5F P 1L 6F P 1L 7F P 1L 1F 7Xblinks before repeat
(note: L=long, F=fast, P=pause)

I thought it would be #56 and #71 however #56 is not in the code list as reffered to RAx Tuning so now i'm not sure.
Shouldn't that be: 15, 16, 17, 117??

One (1) blink followed by:
5 blinks = Right Rear Sensor
6 blinks = Right Rear Sensor
7 blinks = Left Rear Sensor

Left and right rear sensors- that's what I had to fix. Not sure about the last 'P 1L 1F 7Xblinks (117?)'part. I got the best price for these sensors from, but those old sensors can be a [expletive deleted] to remove!!! Fix the rear sensors first, then recheck the code... like William said!!

Handbrake light on?? Are you driving with the handbrake engaged? That can turn on the ABS. Or is the Brake light indicating low brake fluid??
/- a lot proton car now use abs bro..

Also, I don't know what a 'proton' car is, but I do know that my engine is under the hood, and not the bonnet!! ;)
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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