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Can I get a late 04 or 05 trans put in my 00LX?

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This will be my "sort of" fifth trans. The second went in at 86K under warranty; it lasted a week - the dealer rebuilt it and put it back in (#3-?). It blew on a trip at 168K; had a rebuilt one (#4) put in at an dealer (3/36 warranty) in PA. I was told they could not put in a later model trans, but other posts make me question that. My Ody is at the dealer (in MD) right now waiting for another trans (294K - still under warranty) Any suggestions for options? I am willing to pay if I can get a late model trans that will last more than 30K.
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I was pondering the same issue. I ended up finding a good transmission in a 2006 Touring. I fixed the issue by swapping the driver from the seat of the 99 into the seat of the 2006. Seems to be the easiest solution I have figured out so far.

However, in all seriousness, it is a good question. I would probably read up the service manuals and figure out what differences there are between the 03 and 04 models. You would have to replace the Transmission Control computer from the 04 into the 03 at the least... might have to swap steering columns as well due to the shift pattern being different...

I like my solution. ;-)

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