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I saw this and HAD to look. The title in the forum list said "EMO" (versus the bold print on the post title, that said "ECO").

I don't know if you can disable this light aside from removing the bulb from the cluster. I'm still chuckling over the possibilities:

"Uh, honey, that EMO indicator light is lighting up again."
"Awrahht, missy, lemme see (dad turning around to glare at kids)....okay, who's trying to grow their hair "emo-style" and part it to one side to cover one eye? I ain't puttin' up with that 5h1t, and "emo" kids cutting on themselves with nail clippers or dull pocket knives to show how "emo-tional" they are. Why, if I want something to be "emo", it needs to be the front lawn. That way, it can cut itself."

Sorry, massive topic drift from one of the forum smart-donkeys (me).


I find myself looking at it more than I'd like as well. Just do a 1 hour trip in it like I just did and you start to not look at it anymore.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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