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Canadian buyer needs US numbers

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Its very useful for a Canadian buyer to know what he would pay in $US if he bought an Ody EX in the States. It helps keep the dealer-buyer dialog on track; we do not have the same quality of consumer info you guys do.

Can anyone who has bought or is negotiating give me the MSRP quoted and a (ballpark)figure for what was actually paid?

Much obliged
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All the MSRPs are listed on the Honda website (start at and go from there).
I would say people have been paying anything from $1,000 under MSRP (on rare occasions) to $1,000 over MSRP), with most people able to get MSRP by shopping around.

In this case it is comparing apples an oranges. The Canadian price is much lower than the US price to reflect our reduced buying power. Looking at US prices for the Ody is useless for comparison. In Canada check several dealers. They were willing to go $1500 to $2000 under MSRP on the 2001's not sure if you can get this kind of deal on 2002's.
That's true: Canadian prices are indeed cheaper, as we are discovering. I needed to know whether it was worth it to sell US-dollar investments and bring the money up here, or pay from CDN-dollar assets. Clearly worth it to import US dollars.
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