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The LX MSRP is $31,900 (US$20,500 ish)
The EX MSRP is $34,900 (US$22,500 ish)
The EXL MSRP is $36,900 (US$23,800 ish)

Destination for all Hondas is C$850
(I used an exchange rate of 1.55 for these numbers)

In all cases you can get C$1500 off MSRP or more. I picked up my EX-L for roughly US$22,500, and there is no waiting - all dealers have them on the lot.

I do not know about Invoice $$ - there are no free services in Canada that provide that information - and I am not about to shell out $40 for someone to tell me what a Canadian Dealer pays for the Van.

Hope this helps!
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