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Car Window

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Yesterday, I was out with my daughter and after she got into the car, I asked her why she rolled down the window. She said it went down by itself. After I got into car, I tried to raise it back up but it kept slipping and going down to the point the window is open. I can hear the motor moving but the window is not moving but the windows remains down.

How do I fix it?
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How would it be electrical? I am hearing the windows motor trying to operate but the window is not moving. This tells me that maybe the window slipped out of place or cracked. I am trying to understand the mechanics behind this.
Electrical speaking, the window motor is what controls the function of the window to go UP or DOWN. Right? Generally, there is power or no power, right? In this case there is power going to that motor because I can hear it trying to move the window. However the window is not responding, as intended, by going up and down. This leads me to believe the window slipped out of place or there is a crack that is not visible to the eye because the window is down.

In regards, to the trim, how does one remove the trim?
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