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Hi folks,
I'm happy to be here (this is my first thread) and happy to share the pics of the cargo and sleeping deck I built for my 2019 EX. I need to transport lumber 8-16' lengths regularly, and frequently have the entire cargo area full of tools or drums. I also needed regular access to the back row seats for my daughter and sometimes one other kid. My solution was to remove and store the middle row seats and build a two part platform that is flat and level from front to back.

The rear deck is split so I can fold it over to access either side of the 3rd row seating. If I need the entire 3rd row, I can slide the rear deck forward on top of the front deck in just a few seconds (see photo). I don't have a pic of the split function right now. To achieve that I simply cut the rear deck plywood without cutting through the rubber mat.

I used a rubber floor mat from the big orange store, and glued it to the plywood using a construction adhesive rated for plastics. It's non-porous so it doesn't stain or absorb odors or oils, easy to clean, durable, and soft on the knees when crawling around back there. For transporting wood it's important not to use carpet, which can snag and hold splinters.

The second photo is 12' trim boards that fit with the tailgate closed. 12-footers!

The last photo is the underside of the front deck. It has joists to maintain its height over the seat slides and to form a level surface with the rear deck.

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Cleanest work van in the world, I wish mine looked like that. 馃榿

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Outstanding, HandyVan! I did something similar but with just a single 4x8, 5/8 inch sheet of fir plywood. I too haul lumber and have used your technique of placing the lengths on the dash with a blanket pad to prevent scuffing the dash.

Have you overcome the limitation of only being able to carry 2 or 3 sheets of plywood or drywall with the hatch closed? Some idiot engineer at Honda decided to let the center console project 4 inches into the rear cabin, hence, making the sheets overflow the same distance into the rear cabin. You can get 2 or 3 sheets under the center console but after that, you're screwed. My 2002 didn't have that limitation!! There are so many dysfunctional designs in the 5th generation that it amazes me how Honda achieved such a superior ride but with so many stupid design ideas.

Thanks for sharing your great workmanship!

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The last photo is the underside of the front deck.
Intricate pattern cutting gives it a custom look!

Overall awesome job, man. (y)
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