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Cargo Carrier for Odyssey LX Roof Rack

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Does anyone have any suggestions on what type of Cargo Carrier I can attach to my roof rack, IE. Thule, Yakima or any others??? Thanks.
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I bought a Thule Mountaineer box a week ago.
It fits the Honda Odyssey EX perfectly. I used Honda's factory crossbars.

I did have to drill four holes in the box. Each hole I drilled is just rear of the three pre-drilled holes in each corner. For example, take one corner of the box and you will see three holes in a line. Each hole is say two inches apart. Add a fourth hole two inches rear of the third hole. I had to do this so that the rear hatch would open fully without hitting the box. There is now a half inch space between the box and the rear hatch when open. I will post a photo soon.
I think it looks awesome. Comes in handy too.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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