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Cassette player with CD in EX-L?

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I've been looking at the Odyssey EX-L w/leather and entertainment system. In the brochure it says it comes with a CD only (no cassette), but my friends came with an installed CD and cassette. I went to the dealer and one of the salesman said it did come with both, but I've been reading the posts here and someone mentioned that it was an accessory (meaning you have to get it as an add-on). Does any one know? Thanks!
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">The only thing i haven't figured out is how to listen to radio station A on the speakers, and radio station B over the RES system (through the headphones). The sales guy swore you can (and the manual says you can) but neither one of us could figure out how to do it.</font>
The way I read the manual, it was unclear as to whether you could listen to two different radio stations. I took the instructions to mean that you can listen to the radio in the back (with headphones) and listen to something else through the front speakers. The instructions for operating the RES system are, frankly, not very good. It's not that it's so hard, but it doesn't give many examples of how to do two different functions at the same time. Having said all this, I haven't even tried to listen to the radio through the RES at all so I can't really help you. I will be interested to know if two different stations are possible.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by viper001:
As corny as this sounds, I highly recommend watching the instructional DVD included with the van, it was much more helpful than the owner's manual, and included "real world" examples of how to do 2 things at once, etc. Some of the finer points of operating the rear speakers and the remote control display button were not even mentioned at all in the owner's manual.

If you aren't interested in sitting in your freezing garage for 30 minutes, there is nothing about the demo DVD that says you can't watch it on the DVD in your house, it works just fine there too.
Basically you are saying to read/watch the DIRECTIONS?? Didn't you just violate some kind of guy code of honor?
Just kidding. As for the temperature of my garage -- have you been stalking me?

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