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Cassette player with CD in EX-L?

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I've been looking at the Odyssey EX-L w/leather and entertainment system. In the brochure it says it comes with a CD only (no cassette), but my friends came with an installed CD and cassette. I went to the dealer and one of the salesman said it did come with both, but I've been reading the posts here and someone mentioned that it was an accessory (meaning you have to get it as an add-on). Does any one know? Thanks!
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Hi. I'm the one who that posted that our EX came with no cassette player, to my surprise. I bought it from HandA-Accessories and installed in no time, and I've never done anything to a car before (although I am reasonably handy.) If you can follow instructions, you can do it!

If you install it yourself, these tips were very useful (I picked them up on a thread here that I can't find again):

-Shift into 1st gear BEFORE you disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. (you need to do this to move the gear shift out of the way when you pop off the dash cover.)
-You need one more tool than the instructions say, for loosening the nut on the negative terminal of the battery.
-No need to remove the fog light cover before popping off the dash cover-- I did this, and scratched it up a little, and it didn't help anyway--- just stick a small but strong screwdriver (I didn't even need a towel or tape to prevent scratches here) under the dash cover at the bottom and it will pop right off.
-Don't bother removing the brackets that are on the radio before attaching the cassette. Just slide the cassette in and put in the screws.

The whole installation took me less than 30 minutes from the time I opened the box-- including needing to go and get tools from the garage etc. It's a snap, I promise! I saved myself $170 and had fun installing it too!
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