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Cassette player with CD in EX-L?

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I've been looking at the Odyssey EX-L w/leather and entertainment system. In the brochure it says it comes with a CD only (no cassette), but my friends came with an installed CD and cassette. I went to the dealer and one of the salesman said it did come with both, but I've been reading the posts here and someone mentioned that it was an accessory (meaning you have to get it as an add-on). Does any one know? Thanks!
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Good point Viper

We picked up our EXL-RES a couple of days ago. I didn't even know it came with a cassette deck until i picked it up.

The only thing i haven't figured out is how to listen to radio station A on the speakers, and radio station B over the RES system (through the headphones). The sales guy swore you can (and the manual says you can) but neither one of us could figure out how to do it.

Anyone know how? (and the instructions in the manual don't work as far as I can tell)
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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