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Catback system for the Ody

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Is there a stainless catback system for the 2002 Ody available or at least in the works? If not, at least a deep sounding stainless muffler like the DC Sports one? Not too loud at idle but when reving (spelling?)it gives you a deep tone.

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
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I see on eBay under acura mdx there are some auctions for a stainless muffler for the mdx. I wonder if it would work on the Ody. The mdx muffler has dual tips so may not work at the back. You might email them and see if they make one for the Ody. I would like one too but I'm not too hard on mufflers as usually don't do short drives.

If you are looking for a cat back system, you can probably get a muffler shop to custom bend the pipes for you cat back -- then buy an universal type muffler and have the shop attach/weld the hangers where you need them.


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