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Hi folks, first time posting. Anyway I have been looking for a new CD head unit to replace the standard one that came with the EX. I have cut down my choices to these three:
Panasonic CQ-DF601U, Kenwood's KDC-V7017, and JVC's digifine2.1 KD-SH55.

I would settle for either one but the person I spoke to said that I would have to give up the controls on the steering wheel if I were to put the system in (something that I wouldn't want to do).

Do you guys know if the guy was right or he's just another salesman that doesn't know a cat to a Pop-Tart?

If he's right, are there anyother head unit that is compatable to the steering controls?

BTW all three systems have remote controls.

Thanks for any information.
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