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Cellular Phone Ext. Antenna

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Do anyone install Cellular phone hand-free kit? where are you put the antenna?

I have plan to install car kit in Odyssey. But I can't find good location put glass mount antenna. If not, this is need roof mount.

Azon Chan
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azonc - why not mount on the windshield? I have seen plenty of cars with them there. Perhaps you could center it and go for a Fuba look ala Ford Focus.
I have the Motorola Hands Free Kit and had the antenna mounted on the passenger side rear window toward the front of the glass. The antenna sticks up above the roof and doesn't seem to be bothered by opening the sliding door or the vent window.


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Robr2: I don't like on front.
erickam: I just worry opening the side door.
It is only 2 inch space between glass and side door (open). The gap is not enough make the antenna vertical.

Azon Chan
Hi, I just installed a Nokia CARK-91 car handfree kit for the 51/61/71xx series phones and I got a Panorama inside glass mounted antenna and mounted it on the inside front windshield of my EX. It works great and looks good and not very noticeable. Cost about $65Cnd, I got the TAP-3F. Here's the link to the website with info on the antenna You can e-mail them to find a dealer in your area.



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Motorola Verizon StarTac hand-free Kit installed on a 2001 GG EX

my antenna is also like erickam. I have the antenna pointed up all the problem. Unless you live in a remote are, you do not need the antenna end installed. I live in NYC and have had no problem. I only used antenna in Roaming mode
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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