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Certified Warranty not as good as original

I bought my Ody as a Certified Used also. I received the Certified Used warranty (100k/7yr drivetrain, 12k/1yr bumper to bumper). I was told the 12k/1yr was bumper to bumper, but there are a lot of things not included in the Certified warranty that are included in the "new car" warranty. Make sure you get the booklet that explains what IS and IS NOT covered, and find out if the "upgrade" to the 100k warranty is a Certified warranty or is more like the new car warranty, and really does cover everything, bumper to bumper.

To think about before purchasing that warranty...

Extended warranties are always beneficial to the company providing the warranty, but not necessarily to the buyer. Otherwise, they would not sell them. You have to estimate the cost of repairs under warranty and compare to the cost of the warranty over the period of the coverage. Also, the cost of general maintenance as opposed to repairs covered under warranty. Most likely, most repairs and maintenance you do to your vehicle will not be covered by the warranty, and therefore it will not save you a heck of a lot in the long run.

The ideal extended warranty on new cars, or used cars for that matter, should cover both breakdown and wear & tear failures. So, if shock absorbers need to be replaced after 5,000 m, due to poor quality and resistance to wear & tear, check if this is covered by the warranty. Most manufacturer's warranties do not cover such an event. One other example of such "exclusions" is overheating. You should check if you are covered if your engine overheats, and you perform due-diligence in protecting the vehicle from further damage.

And of course you should watch out for deductibles!
And watch out for Joe D... there's a guy out to make a buck! I wonder if he even owns an Ody, or just prowls around Honda sites for prospective clients?

There's my 2 cents.
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