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Just thought I would pass on my experience installing a pair of 6.5" Cerwin Vega HED-162 speakers. Installation was extremely easy - it took me about 30 minutes.

Once the grilles were off and the speakers removed, I found that the 4 (2 on each door) plastic 'locator' posts that fit the original speakers needed to be trimmed off with a razor. I thought I might need to trim the rain shield to fit the larger magnet, but when installed with the spacers supplied with the speakers there was enough room. I was happy to see that the spacers caused no clearance problems with the grille covers - no trimming needed.

I also used the wiring harness from Best Buy and found the positive terminal on the speaker was slightly wider than the connector on the harness. Since I wanted to get this done on Christmas day, I just used my trusty Dremel to grind the terminal down to the correct width (it didn't need much). Maybe there is a harness that fits better, but it wasn't a huge deal. I also had to gently bend the terminals so they pointed back (towards the magnet) instead of towards the edge of the speaker frame. Pliers gripping the base of the terminals prevented damage to the fiber material that they are riveted to.

I'm happy with the sound of the Cerwin Vega's - much better than stock. They are 2-way speakers but I really don't notice any missing midrange. I need to open the dash again to remove the bass-blocking capacitors that were installed with my head unit when I still had the stock speakers (the installer felt the stock speakers weren't up to the 40 watt max output from the new stereo). The bass is decent now, and I expect it to improve when the capacitors are removed.

Sorry I don't have pictures, but none are really necessary - it's a breeze!

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Congrats on your install Britt!

Know what you mean about the harness connectors... Surprised you decided to alter the speaker terminal though. These adaptors only work with a limited # of makes, like Pioneer, so I hear ya.

I usually cut off the crimped connectors (wires too long anyway) and then crimp, solder and HST new connectors matching the speaker terminals. Yes, pretty anal, I know.

So the installer put some caps on your factory speaks? Hmm.. weird thing to do, unless you have a sub... Yeah, I'd take those out right away!

Anyhow, congrats and glad you like your upgrade!

-Shin John
'01 DEP EX, and I'm workin' on it! (slowly)
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