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I guess the question is whether or not you care to have the front speakers muted when the Navi voice activates.

I had an Alpine powered center speaker installed and connected to the Navi leads from the wire harness. I could have added relays to the front speakers, but opted not to after hearing how loud the Navi speaker was in relation to the system volume. I have the Alpine speaker in the center compartment in the front dash. I just didn't care for the front speakers cutting out when the Navi wanted to speak and then all of a sudden it got loud again. But if you want it "factory", then Nestor's way is probably the way to go. As for the steering wheel controls, I lost them when I swapped out the unit, but I don't place my left hand near the steering wheel controls when I'm driving anyway...

2000 CSS Odyssey EX-Navi w/Leather
Sony MDX-C800REC MiniDisc Receiver
Polk 602a (Front)
Polk 402a (Rear)
Alpine powered center(for Navi voice)
Bazooka EL8A-HP Powered Subwoofer
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