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Checked my valves

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I checked my valve lash today. I have a 2002 with around 125k on it and it was running fine. All valves where within specs; this was the first time they'd ever been checked. I didn't remove the whole intake just the cover on the front and back. Not sure what they're called exactly but it the part that extends over the valve cover that can be removed.
The rear valve train and valve cover had some carmel coating, for lack of a better description. The front cover and valve train looked super clean though. The only cause I can think of for that is the PCV valve on the back cover but I'm not sure. I did install a new PCV.
The intake had a little bit of oil pooling in it and some gummy deposits. I cleaned that up as best you can with the intake installed.
I did notice that the rear intake runner is leaking a little oil where it bolts to the head. It's not too bad so I'll keep an eye on it and replace it in the future if I need to.