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Checkup after 1300 miles...

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Well, the good & bad of it anyway.

First, bad. It *broke* my heart to see the odometer go over 1,000 miles after only owning it for 6 days.

My grandmother died last weekend and so we had to take an 'unexpected' trip (550 mi each way) from Nashville, TN to Monroe, LA. A little tough on the 1-month old & 3 1/2 year old because I haven't ordered the video system, etc. yet or had a chance to really get comfortable w/ the vehicle.

Anyway, we made it (I tried to keep from driving at a constant speed the whole time & banned my wife from using the cruise control) in about 8 1/2 hours both ways.

First, the antenna bends WOEFULLY back when you're going 75-85 mph. Now I understand why people have been 'swapping' out their antennas. I honestly thought that the wrapper had been left on it.

Second, I now have the springy rattle from the middle driver's side seat. I'm pretty sure its what Chuck described as I tried swatting it a few times and seemed to hear the same noise. It doesn't happen all the time, but its definitely there.

Third, I don't care for the coin holders.
How do I explain to my wife that *we* don't want to stick a bunch of change in there because it rattles too much? "Honey, I KNOW Honda put that there for coins...but let's pretend its something else and keep the coins in our pockets." Yeah, that ought convince her!

Fourth, still got a pretty good honeymoon going w/ the van. I cleaned off the bugs & goop while in Monroe but I need to do it again (I elected to hang out on the computer tonight instead of cleaning it up.) since we just got in a few hours ago.

Overall, the van drove well; road noise wasn't too bad...NAVI worked as expected (though Monroe isn't a detailed area), CD player & radio worked well (although not exactly what I would call 'feature packed'). AC was nice and cool; hit a couple of rainstorms and the wipers worked well; also I really like the 'spray pattern' of the window washers. It made quick work of a particularly NASTY bug splat.

Well, that's it, good night.
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