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Okay I'm just kidding, there's no noise.
I successfully changed the TB on my '02 with 117k miles on it. Thanks for the tips on here. I've done a couple of TBs on 4 cylinders before and I don't think the V6 is really any more difficult.
The crankshaft pulley bolt almost beat me. The starter bump technique didn't even work. Had to use a little heat and plain old leverage. Split two sockets before buying a good quality impact socket that held up to the task.
The belt looked fine. It was a little stiffer than the new one. The idler and adjuster pulleys spun smooth but had a little play compared to the new ones. The water pump looked fine but since you're there...
Once I'd removed the engine mount I realized the rubber was torn. It shifts into 2nd smoother now when accelerating hard. Autozone had a new one and since it is almost the last thing you reinstall it wasn't really a disruption to have to replace it.
A couple of observations:
-The pulley covers have a ton of bolts holding them on. I spent a while just taking them all out.
-Although I drained the radiator there is still a lot of coolant that drains when the water pump is removed. The drain pans I put under the engine caught most of it. The rest ended up on the garage floor but a couple of stray cats licked it up. Okay not really, they weren't stray...I kid. (No cats were harmed in the changing of my TB).
Anyway, glad it's all behind me now. Next thing to tackle is the valve adjustment.
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