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I was talking to a friend at a local Audio/Video store regarding mobile video & stereo upgrade. He was suggesting the Clarion video unit. He told me it's a 5.6" unit that can either be roof mount, or head rests. It comes with a vcr, 2 wireless headphones, and a fm module. He wasn't up to speed on them yet since he won't be getting them until next week. Has anybody seen them, or know about them. He told me the whole system will run me about $1,000.00 CND.

Also, he suggested the Infinity Reference 6-1/2", or the JBL P-632. He says the JBL's give more bass. He's not too crazy about the POLK EX602a - need alot of power to drive. He also suggested the JBL amp (4 x 40watts), especially with the stock unit since it has line level adjustments.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated


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