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Hello all,

I don't know if I'm alone on this one but my '11 Odyssey has accumulated a considerable amount of moisture and dirt inside of the headlight housings :mad: I found this to be rather unsettling given the age of the vehicle but I digress..

I've recently removed the headlights to clean out the moisture and grime so here's a quick walk-through on the procedure:

1) Remove the front bumper.

2) Disconnect the connectors from the headlight assembly.

3) Remove the bolts and clip from the headlight.

4) Remove the bolt and the corner upper beam from the headlight.

5) Spray glass cleaner on the inside of the lens and main housing and wipe the assembly down with paper towels. Make sure that you dry it off COMPLETELY before reinstalling the headlight.

To install:

1) Installation is the reverse order of removal.

2) After replacement, adjust the headlights to local requirement.

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If there was that much in the housing the seals must be bad and should be replaced. On a van in warrenty I would get the dealer to replasc them as they are defective. My 04 has no moisture or dirt in the housings.
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