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hello everyone,

The heater in my 2004 Honda Ody. started to just blow cold air few weeks ago, I took it to a mechanic and he replaced the thermostat. After he changed it the heater started to work, but the rear does not blow any air out. When he adjusted the cable manually from behind the engine the hot air started to blow from the rear openings as well. I am thinking maybe I didn't even needed to change the thermostat and the problem was with the cable.

When he tried the climate control knob, the hot air just came from the front. he said I should have the cable replaced as well. Can anyone tell me if this is really the cable problem. I don't want to replace and pay more if this is not the case.

Now after 2 days I just have hot air coming out from the front even when the knob is on cool and no air from rear, unless if done manually. Any ideas would be a great help.
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