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Column and Data field requirements for the Honda CSV POI files

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I am importing my saved Google Map places into my 2015 Odyssey Touring Honda Navi.

The manual clearly states how to import the csv or lml file (from USB drive) but doesn't state the data field requirements. I found something for a generic KML import from GpsPasSion Forums - * Garmin's CSV format explained (ex2720 POI) * and below is what they recommend. Wiki KML shows a different format, see below.

What are the column and data field requirements for the 2015 Honda Odyssey CSV POI files?
Maximum number of records?
What will happen with lat long reading out the installed map (North America)?

Curious in Lakeside,

A supervisor came on and I explained that i wanted to know what format the columns needed to be in for thr CSV file, and how namy charachters each column could be.

His answer was as followes:

Column1: Longitude

Column2: Latitude

Column3: POI Name (39 Charachters Max)

Column4: POI Details (256 Charachters)

He also said that if column 3 or 4 have quotes in them, then each data inside the quotes will be on a seperate line.

"FDNY Ladder 26 - 310 First Ave"

will show as

FDNY Ladder 26 - 310 First Ave

"FDNY Ladder 26""310 First Ave"

will show as

FDNY Ladder 26

310 First Ave

From Wiki Keyhole Markup Language - Wikipedia
An example KML document is:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<kml xmlns="">
<name>New York City</name>
<description>New York City</description>
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Honda Tech replied on the data fields for POI navigation.

1. longitude - decimal degree WGS 85,
2. latitude - decimal,
3. Country (USA/Mexico/Canada),
4. Description - maximum 256 characters.

Max - 2,000 records CSV.

I'll test this and see what breaks it...
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