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commercial plates?

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Question for you current owners (in CA specifically since it may be different in different states): Are you given commercial plates? I keep seeing the Odysseys referred to as light trucks, and that usually means commercial plates. They cost a bit more, but you can park in yellow zones in the city, at least.

Just curious.

- Darell

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The EPA lists them as trucks just like all minivans. But every state has their own rules about it. For instance, here in MA commercial plates are based on weight and ownership.

For instance, your company owned Suburban gets commercial plates due to weight even though it has no signage on it. Positives is that it allows you to park in certain resident only sections of cities (Boston) with them. Downfall is that most suburban towns in MA do not allow overnight parking of commerical vehicles (even in driveways). Private registered Suburbans get regular plates.

My Ody has standard plates.

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Thanks for the reply. That confirms the truck part of it. So, what are CA owners getting?

- Dsrell
Around here, you can register anything as a commercial vehicle. Nothing says a car can't be a commercial vehicle; look at delivery companies.

It isn't the size, weight, EPA classification, or anyone else's classification. It's what you want to call it and register it as. There may also be some tax implications as well that force people to register a vehicle, any vehicle, as a commercial vehicle.
Well, here in CA, there are certain vehicles (like pickups and SUVs) where the DMV simply issues commercial plates straight off the bat. And as far as I know, you can't change it. I'm guessing that Minivans will be the same way, but I'd like to find out for sure from a CA Ody owner.

Well, from what I've noticed after months of looking at other Odys, some plates start with "6" and others (like mine) start with "4". I've also seen full-size trucks, etc. with the "6" series.
I presume these Odys are registered as
commercial ?

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I have never seen a privately owned minivan with commercial plates in California. There was a time when I think you could even get regular passenger car plates for your pickup, if you swore not to carry anything in the bed. Upon reflection, I believe there were a few items which could be carried, but they could not be related to work or business stuff. Someone who dealt with the situation could probably describe it better.

Jerry O.
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