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Compare: Pioneer 2-Way Speakers

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Manufacturer Pioneer Pioneer
Model TS-A1695 TSA1655
Size (inches) 6 1/2 6 1/2
Type 2-Way 2-Way
Sensitivity 90 dB 92 dB
Freq Response 30-32,000 Hz 35-28,000 Hz
Recomd RMS Power 50W 35W
Peak Power 180W 130W
Impedance 4 ohms 4 ohms
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2002 LX,

If you saw pictures of the two speakers you would understand the difference immediately. The 1695's use a horn tweeter (I think) and the 1655's use a cone tweeter. Maybe someone here (shinjohn?) could speak about the sonic differences.

Actually, I wondered why the 1695's cost more than the 1665's (a three way). Do they sound that much better?


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LOTS of opinions on all these models in previous threads. My quick 2 cents:

1655 - drops in, no cutting rain shield. least expensive. Sound is OK, but too sibilant (hissy sounding) for my tastes.

1665 - must cut shield, a little more expensive, uses 3/8" tweet for highest Fs. Sound is fuller with 3 driver setup, but again, too sibilant for my tastes. Better though.

1695 - must cut shield, even a little more expensive. Horn tweeter is rotatable, so high end can be adjusted to taste somewhat without touching tone controls. Fairly smooth and balanced sound, not harsh. My pick for bang for the buck.

Pioneer these days has made alot of headway on speaker SQ. Are they the best? That depends on you and what you like. Go out and audition, see for yourself. I talk about the 1695 and recommend people consider it, because it is just not available to listen to at most audio stores. If you wanna get these, you pretty much buy online, so you gotta go solely on recommendation or hear a friend's set.


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