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Complete Floor Area Rubber Mat

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Anyone have any interest in a one piece, possibly two piece (split between 2nd & 3rd row seats ?)full rubber floor mat?
I have the ability to get rubber matting in bulk. I am going to make a one piece if possible, that will go in front of the front seats, between the front seats, in front of the 2nd row seats, between the 2nd row seats and all the way to the rear. Whew..... that was long!! Any suggestions before I do this? I figure the rear portion could roll up under the 3rd row seat when up.
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How about the <a href=""> Hatchbag</a>? There was some discussion a couple of months ago but I can't find the thread. I think a couple of people here had purchased Hatchbags.<font color=white><font size=-5>

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How are you going to handle if 2nd row
seats are joined or seperated.
Hatchbag is kind of cool, but a little overkill I think.
I was going to cut holes for the 2nd row seat mounts. I probably will leave mine separated but together is also a possibility. The plan is to make it out of ribbed matting. It will also have a lip to contain water (or spills). The reason for this is, In NY state we can get alot of snow! and we ski so, I want to try to protect the factory carpeting!!
Any other ideas?

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