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I am selling a complete PAX set with everything included except for the lug nuts. TPMS, valve stem, tires, rims, center cap, all included. Came off of 2007 Odyssey Touring, with two relatively new tires with less than 3K miles driven on it. Other two have about half tread left on the center, and worn on the edge like most PAX tires. I have listed it on Craigslist and for pickup only. I will accept only cash and will set the whole set, and will not separate, price firm at $750. Odyssey PAX Complete/IMG_20110515_091158.jpg Odyssey PAX Complete/IMG_20110515_091558.jpg Odyssey PAX Complete/IMG_20110515_091351.jpg Odyssey PAX Complete/IMG_20110515_091416.jpg

If interested, please send me a PM with your phone number.
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Good luck on selling those tires esp your $750 price. As most people dont wanna deal with PAX tires no more.
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