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* Comprehensive Odyssey RA1-4 Aftermarket JDM Part List *

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This thread will serve as a data log of the most complete aftermarket parts you can get for your 95-98 Honda Odyssey (RA1-4) and Isuzu Oasis. If you are building a JDM Style or VIP Style Odyssey, you have come to the right place for info.

Feel free to contribute any photos of any other parts you might have come across, and please add a description of the item.

This thread will include Odyssey Headlights, Tail Lights, LED parts, Grilles, Body Kits, Interior trim pieces, Suspension and more.

All items contained herein are from Japan. Some are discontinued, others are still available through Japanese Auction.


RA1 Odyssey Tail Lights - Price Range $200-400

Xacta / Hypersport / Colin

Colin LED Tail Lights / Euro

Colin LED Tail Lights / Stacked Rows

Hypersport Crystal Tail Lights

Hypersport Crystal Tail Lights (Smoke)

Colin 50/50 Red/Clear Tail Lights

Hypersport Euro Clear Tail Lights

Hypersport Euro Clear / Carbon Tail Lights

Hypersport Euro Red/ Red Tail Lights

Unknown Clear Tail Lights
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1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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