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So I know that the Samsung Epic through Sprint is listed as not compatible with the HFL.

When I first bought my EX-L with Navi three days ago, I was able to pair the two and even make and receive calls through the Ody. About an hour later, on my drive home, the connection stopped working. I was never able to get bluetooth audio to work at all.
(Note that the Honda salesman neglected to mention that not all phones will work with the system).

We know that Samsung phones can work, we know that Android can work, and we know that Sprint can work with HFL.

I'm wondering if anyone has had success with consistently being able to link the Epic to the HFL.

I also cannot help but wonder if rooting the Epic will have any effect on the situation. I've been considering rooting it, but if I can get HFL to work with it rooted, then it's a no brainer...

Any thoughts?
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