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consumer reports - car seats

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I couldn't find this posted anywhere . . sorry if it's already been said:

1) The Fisher Price Safe Embrace II (with LATCH) was their top rated car seat.
2) The Fisher Price Safe Embrace was the second best rated car seat.

The Britax and Coscos were down the list.

Interestingly, the magazine indicated that Fisher Price was going to stop making car seats all togheter. Wonder why? Product liability perhaps?

I went with the Safe Embrace II, even before reading this article, because everything I read told me the Britax and Fisher Price seats were the very best . . and of those two only Fisher Price offered the LATCH system. The seat is very secure in the second row in our Ody. It has great side protection, which unfortunatey makes it a bit difficult to get the munchkin in and out . . but we got used to it. It's also kind of ugly, but I want substance before style.

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Fisher Price is out of the carseat business. I think it was probably a matter of poor marketing. Other than ToysRUs and BabiesRUs, their products were very hard to find at stores or online. They didn't even come to a recent conference on Child Passenger Safety.

Though the FPSE II and other Fisher Price seats are very good, Consumer Reports can in some cases be misleading. Their top rated seats are not often the best choices, especially in their previous review. More comments here:
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