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Coolant Leak after Fender Bender 08 Ody

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I just had a small fender bender thanks to a slick road and rain. I hit a 09 Camry and just popped out the bumber a bit. My License plate is banged up and the bumper popped out a bit from the passenger head light. I noticed that there was a leak coming from the passenger side while waiting for the police. It was there with or without the AC being on. It was not a small leak, not huge either, it was just steady. I see dry antifreeze around the fan, and the antifreeze collects in the plastic guards between the engine and radiator. I am not sure if it is the reservoir (which has not lost liquid, still says full) or anything else. I am not sure what it can be. I drove it home (about 10 minutes away) and had it running for about 10 minutes (jacked up from the pass. side) and i did not see it leaking, all I did was make sure the reservoir hose or cap was lose, it seemed a little off but nothing too bad. What can it be, I just got this van a week ago ... Thank you for any help
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Could be the collision caused a small crack in the radiator. Did you check the coolant level in the radiator (after the engine has cooled)? You should have the cooling system pressure-tested. Leaks need to be investigated as they seldom go away on their own.
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