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Adam's points are well taken. I, too, do everything I can myself, but, I know that a dealer tech will be aware of things I would not think of, nor see. Those guys work on these vehicles every day and they know what is going wrong with them and can sometimes alert the owner when a problem is just beginning and save him from taking a "walk", when he does not want to. When I had my Chevy Citation I got to know my dealer techs VERY well and it was a very comfortable thing, to go there and be treated as if I knew something. Whatever the problem, they always treated me well, since they knew I took the best possible care of the car. I would like to have such a relationship with my Honda dealer, but, the shop is just far enough away that it is inconvenient to go there often. I will continue to do my own work and be as vigilant as possible.

Jerry O.

2001 Odyssey GG LX
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