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I just put the Cooper CS4's on our 2005 EX-L replacing the second set of LX4s. Each set of Michelin's lasted about 45k miles. The mileage wasn't so much of an issue as the lack of wet traction. The Michelin's were losing traction on wet pavement in situations you wouldn't expect from an all-season tire, even with reasonable tread left.

It took the tire shop two tries to get the Coopers balanced correctly...not sure if this was a tire issue or installer issue. However, now that they are properly balanced, I am very satisfied with this choice. Compared to the LX4s, these tires are quieter and ride smoother. Also, based upon a recent rainy day, they have much better wet traction.

BTW. I paid $518 w/tax less a $50 mfg rebate for these tires.

Hope this helps.
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