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I have an 04 Odyssey 5DR EX.
Need to replace my OEM tires after 41K miles- failed inspection! (Glad to know that this is a reasonable distance for the OEM tires)

Dealer quoted 290 bucks to replace the 2 bad tires with Michelin though he recommends all 4. I think that 290 is out the door.

Called up Costco and they have Michelin which will set me back 630 out the door or Bridgestone EL400 which, because they are on sale, will be 470 out the door.

On this forum the EL400Turanza seems to be viewed as ho-hum. The only review on TireRack for this tire is quite +ve at 8.8.

So any recommendations based on the price/value equation would be well appreciated.

I am in NC.

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