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quick info:
Standard Thermostat
Lift Height: Above 10.0 mm (0.394 in)
Starts Opening: 169-176 °F (76-80 °C)
Fully Open: 194 °F(90°C)

Thermostat Replacement
1. Drain the engine coolant (see page 10-6).
2. Remove the intake air duct (see step 2 on page 9-6).
3. Remove the thermostat cover, then remove the thermostat
4. Install the new thermostat with a new rubber seal, then install the thermostat cover.
5. Install the intake air duct (see step 6 on page 9-8).
6. Refill the radiator with engine coolant, and bleed the air from the cooling system (see page 10-6).
7. Clean up any spilled engine coolant

2007 Odyssey EXL 168,000
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Hey guys, back tothis....

the newvan does the same thing.... with the 100om orange resistor, the need goes fromcold to about 3 or 4 of those tiny lines BELOW the temp symbol. With noVCMuzzler, the needle rests exactly on the bulb of the bottom of thethermometer in the symbol... like dead center of the symbol. Like my old vanwhen i posted this, this new one allows the needle to creep fromwhere it should be (again, about 3/16” below the symbol) almost all the way totouching the bottom of the symbol… I cant say in degrees how much that is, but it’sa decent swing. I changed out the thermostat on my old ody at about 112,000 becauseit stuck open on a 5f degree day and the car went from normal operating to ascold as if it had been parked over night in about 30 seconds (or so it seemed).I guess I should change the thermostat on this one… I guess what I am wonderingis, is there supposed to be a swing? In the 750,000+++ miles ive driven inmodern cars, I’ve always known them to run at the exact same temp regardless ofconditions.

I DO NOT attribute this toVCMuzzler – I love that thing so much I am going to have my wife make a vinylfor the back window, and I tell everyone I meet with VCM to disable it – I justwant to make sure I am not hurting our van.

What controls the fan? Iam assuming there is a dedicated sensor in the radiator that controls the fan,NOT the sensor that the VCMuzzler connects to? That being the case (andassuming the thermostat is good) the car should manage it’s own temp without aPCM even involved… so what gives? Looking forward to understanding this better.

Lastly, my old van DIDthrow VCM on in heavy traffic a few times… this new van did it a little bitmore easily than the old van, which is why I went from 86 oms to 100

I appreciate all thehelp.
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