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Between myself and the dealer, the service listed below was done last week and just tonight I noticed that the cruise control is dead (no light on button, no light cruise control indicator on dash and actual cruise doesn't work). Any link between any of this service and the problem or just a freaky coincidence?

1) replaced rear brake pads (me)
2) replaced brake fluid (dealer)
3) did 2 drain & fills of the transmission fluid (filling through the fill plug): note there was a black plug with multiple wires just above the fill plug that I disconnected and reconnected each time to get easier access to put a funnel in the fill hole. (me)
4) changed engine oil/filter (me)
5) changed engine air filter (me)
6) changed cabin air filter (me)
7) replaced 2-way valve (17371-S0X-A02), solenoid valve (17012-S10-L01) and gas cap to resolve P1457 code (dealer)

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