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I didn't get a chance to take pictures for the step by step but honestly, it was so simple and quick you don't need a picture guide.

Here are some links to everything I bought. I chose this dashcam because based on my research, it is the best balance of quality and cost. There are 4k dashcam with better daylight detail but aren't always better at night and the 4k eats up memory due to file sizes. The one I linked is a happy medium from a known name in dashcams. The micro sd card is also a stalwart in memory that is made for frequent write and rewrites and extreme temps in dashcam usage. I don't have the tools to add solder to the leads so I spent extra buying the linked 12v to mini converter with stiff leads. They ended up being perfectly snug.

Get your dashcam ready and think about the positioning you want. Put in the microsd card. From the back of your rearview mirror, locate the power supply and press the tab to release the pin connector. The connector has several wires but you just need to match the black to black for ground and the teal to red for power. You can push in the leads for the 12v converter into the bottom to squeeze them in between the existing wire and they will make a snug connection. Push the leads in all the way and use the provided zip tie to keep it neat.

Start the engine and plug the mini usb into the dashcam to check that it gets power. It should show a red light on the record button. Once you turn on the screen, check the position and camera angle that works and take the tape off the dashcam mount to keep it in place. I suggest going through the dashcam settings to get everything squared away, but that's pretty much it.
Just installed mine this way on the connector behind the rear view mirror, (teal and black wires). This method didn’t require any surgeries in the overhead space and no wires in front of any air bags on the way to the fuse box. Took 30 mins total.


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