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I bought a "add a circuit" fuse tap ($10) to run another "cigarette"/power port, used a spare USB charger, ran the wire up the side (door weather stripping), and up there overhead, then down to the rearview mirror stem.
Why I chose this method: I didn't want to mess around with any of the wires down there because I'm too lazy to figure out what those wires are for :D and didn't want to accidentally tap into a device with high voltage sensitivity.

Fuse panel near parking brake (top row, fifth from the right). Luckily this was empty, and I ensured power was available only when car ignition was in ON position.


The automotive power outlet added, with the power cable that was supplied with my dashcam. Red wire comes from the fuse panel, Black wire grounded to the nearest bare nut I could find under the knee panel

Ran the wire up the driver side pillar, and because of airbag system, ran it around and up back up in the overhead cover to the rearview mirror to dashcam.

Good luck.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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