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I've priced out the Honda hitch - we need to haul bikes around this Summer and I decided to give my dealer a shot at the business.

When I explained that we weren't going to haul anything - just bikes - so that I didn't need all the 'trailer-specific' upgrades, he responded (this is the head of the parts department) "I'll have to break up the package, let me get back to you with a price and see what kind of a deal I can get for you."

10 minutes later he calls back and quotes me $1 OVER MSRP along with almost $200 to install.

I ordered online and have a local hitch company doing the install (they are charging $65). Total cost was roughly half.

The hitch guy even knew about the cutout on the bumper and has a lift, so I'm comfortable with him installing it.

The dealer, well, I fully understand what kind of a deal he was getting me.

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