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We just purchased our 2002 MB EXL-RES and we're LOVING IT!!

I'm wondering about the written dealer survey that we were told to expect in the mail. I know I've read posts here that people were "bribed" with free oil changes etc. to rate the dealer with all 5s.

Honestly, our experience with this dealer was no worse than with any other car dealer I've dealt with...not great, but what I'd expect. I hate to admit it, but I'm wiling to play along with their game if it will get me some good free stuff.
The salesman told me that if we rated him with all 5s he'd "take care of us".

Should I call and pretend to complain before I complete the survey (we did end up with our second choice of color and about a week later than promised) in an effort to see what he means by his promise to take care of me.

For those of you that have received incentives for a perfect survey, how did that all transpire?

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