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Defending myself (HDW671)

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I posted here, admittedly for the first time, because I felt that I had important input.
The accusations that I was posting to discredit Honda are surprising to me.
I was not driving the van when this occurred, but after being married to my wife for 15 years and knowing that she has never had an accident or ticket in her 25 years of driving cars, I have to give her benefit of the doubt and believe in her explanation of the account.
As far as the accusations that I'm a Chrysler dealer, "I'm not", but from reading all these posts, it makes me wonder if 90% of you guys aren't Honda dealers making $1,500 above MSRP for every Odyssey you sell.
It was never my intention to bash Honda or the Odyssey. I bought the Odyssey on November 02, 2000 (Vin #2HKRL18501H516982) because it was the most highly rated Minivan at the time. It replaced my 1992 Plymouth Grand Voyager that I bought new in November 1991. (It was a rattling piece of junk after 2 years and 30,000 miles, but we drove it for 9 years and put 120,000 miles on it)
I bought the Odyssey because I believe that they will be in much better condition during the second half of a car's useful life.
I work as a power plant operator (not a car dealership), hdw671 are my initials followed by the hull number of the submarine I was stationed on between 1985 and 1989 as a Navy Nuclear Trained Electrical plant operator and shutdown reactor operator.
If anyone would like to seriously discuss this incident, you can contact me by email at [email protected] and I can either phone you while I'm at work (Watts line) or correspond through email. I took pictures of the van on the side of the hill resting against the water header (not that they prove anything other than "we have an Odyssey" and "it has been wrecked") but I still have to get the film developed and scanned.
The information I quoted was from the website:
And it listed only Honda vehicles, because I felt that those were the only ones pertinant to this situation.

Considering the hostile response, I won't respond to this bulletin board again, and I'll let all of you get back to important issues such as "why loose change makes a rattling noise in the change holder"
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In reading through the thread on your topic, I get the sense that the posters feel so strongly about the issue of unintended acceleration that they forget that your wife was in a dangerous and potentially disastrous situation yesterday.
I thought your post was fair and your question entirely reasonable, so I went googling through archives of information from the post- 60 Minutes Audi debacle.
I read that the problem of unintended acceleration is a complex one involving a number of factors, including the design of the car itself, the driver, and external distractions. The Audi Public Affairs rep., a Mr. Triano, was quoted as saying that the problem of unintended acceleration is inherent in automatic transmission cars.
I really would like to hear from other members about this issue, which is discussed with great passion but remains a major issue.
Mr. Williams, like you I am a recent member of this forum. I lurked and read the posts for a couple of months before joining after we got our new Odyssey. I would like to reassure you that the people in this forum really do go out of their way to help one another. Ironically, people who replied to your post with less than exemplary sensitivity are very willing to share their considerable expertise, and, had they been thinking about the situation--your wife in a frightening accident at an elementary school the previous day--rather than the issue--unintended acceleration--the responses would have been much different.
I hope you will reconsider your decision to withdraw from the forum. We can get so wrapped up in the minutiae of topics that we forget the larger picture and the human element, to our own regret. Sometimes we generate more heat than light. Your wife's experience and your willingness to investigate and articulate add an important dimension to this group. Stay with us.
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