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Had to trade in my 07 Touring. Re-PAX'd it before letting the dealer take it away. So have a set of wheels/tires ready for you to DEPAX your Odyssey. I do not want to mess with shipping, so make sure you are within a reasonable distance of North Alabama if you want to pick these up or arrange a meet.

Alloy wheel Tire Rim Spoke Wheel

Tire Synthetic rubber Automotive tire Tread Auto part

18" wheels (no center caps or lug nuts)
Yokohama AS530 235/55/R18 Tires (good tread)
Honda Odyssey TPMS Sensors
5x120 bolt pattern

2 wheels do have scuffs
Wheel #1
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Alloy wheel Rim
Rim Auto part Metal Automotive wheel system Wheel

Wheel #2
Tire Alloy wheel Automotive tire Wheel Rim

Cash and local pickup only. I do not want to mess with shipping. Thanks!
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